Salt water pools are touted as being excellent for the body and a high end option for homeowner's backyards. Many people ask the question every year, should you get a salt water pool? As a both a homeowner and 11 year employee of the pool industry, I have mixed feelings about salt water pools. There's no right or wrong answer, the question can be answered in completely different ways depending on preference. In this article, I'll explain the pros and cons of salt water pools and detail how salt water pools work

Should You Get A Salt Water Pool?

The answer to buying or not buying a salt water pool is complex. Yes, it's completely true that a salt water pool is a more enjoyable experience than traditional chlorine. However, a salt water pool also comes with additional maintenance considerations than a chlorine pool, too. In my experience, a salt water pool is not something I would purchase because I tend to choose things for my home that are the lowest level of maintenance and best longevity even if it means they're not as luxurious of an experience. 

Salt Water Pool Pros

The first thing you'll notice and love about a salt water pool is that you can open your eyes under water comfortably. There's no instant irritation or blurriness at all, you can see clear as day. Salt water is also much better for your skin so you have less of a chance getting redness from spending extended time inside the pool. When you think of salt water pool pros, think comfort. The experience for yourself, your family and any guests you invite into your backyard with be luxurious. 

Salt Water Pool Cons

However, salt water pools are notorious for being difficult or near impossible to maintain in the long-term. For starters, they require an extensive and expensive amount of chemicals, mainly salt, to keep that luxurious feel. Additionally, there are many pieces of your pool that will require replacement quicker than with a traditional chlorine pool. Things such as your auto cover and coping stones may have issues much faster than normal. 

How To Clean A Salt Water Pool?

Luckily, the cleaning of a salt water pool is similar to chlorine. The best pool vacuum for salt water pool types is more or less the same as chlorine pools. Therefore, you won't spend any extra money when it comes to pool cleaning automation. Salt water pools can be treated just as a normal inground pool would in terms of daily maintenance beside chemicals. 


If you enjoy the finer things in life, a salt water pool is probably better suited for you. Salt water pools are objectively better for people using the pool and more of a burden for people maintaining the pool. If a backyard pool is already going to be a challenging investment for you, stick with traditional chlorine.